Sonntag, 26. April 2009


The sql-server part of poshcodegen is nearly complete. And I'm using it in daily work.

The oracle part is a bit harder. Revisiting some old code I stumbled too often about #ToDo Comments. So its going on a little slower than expected.

Thinking that you prefer viewing at some real code, I post one of the Orcale test functions in Poshcode. Perhaps someone finds it there, just as I found the orginal from Steven Murawksi.

If your daily job is running ad hoc queries and stored procedure calls against SQL-Server Databases you may find something useful.

If you know how to access another RDBMS please join the project.

If you find a bug please send feedback. This is a complex area and it was too easy to introduce faults. We don't have automatic testing yet, but there is a rather complete set of test stored procedures for SQL-Server and for Oracle.

The second pitfall: too often the functions run perfectly too hours, but starting a fresh PowerShell I get errors. Often this is causes by the need to keep our own connection strings secret.

But now something useful, as far as you use ORCLE:

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  1. Hello, I'm hoping you can help me out with this. I've written a script to retrive data from Oracle. Everything works so far. However i'm trying make this script portal. Problem is that the script is currently depending on the ODP for .NET. I read that you can use the Oracle instant connect which is small and doesn't require installation. Do you know how I would approach this problem?

  2. Sorry I guess you got it wrong.
    I have ODP installed on my systems and I believe that Oracle.DataAccess refers to those components.