Dienstag, 18. August 2009

New-InsertStatement (3)

Well meanwhile the script is working for some tables. But will do some further testing.

But now I'll show you an example of the style I will use to wrap Insert-statements

Create Table Main_faults_some_Programming_languages(
language varchar(50),
main_fault varchar(50),
id int,
creator varchar(50)


New-Connection 'Data Source=MyServer;Database=MyDatabase;user=sa;password=secret'

New-InsertStatement Main_faults_some_Programming_languages -columns (
'id', 'language', 'main_fault'
) -defaults @{
creator = 'Install'

I-Main_faults_some_Programming_languages 1 COBOL 'optional keywords'
I-Main_faults_some_Programming_languages 2 'ALGOL 60' 'blanks in keywords'
I-Main_faults_some_Programming_languages 3 LISP 'unpairable braces'
I-Main_faults_some_Programming_languages 4 SQL 'brain dead INSERT Statements'
I-Main_faults_some_Programming_languages 5 Oracle 'needs an administrator (perhaps thats no fault)'
I-Main_faults_some_Programming_languages 6 'T_SQL' 'no include scripts'
I-Main_faults_some_Programming_languages 7 PowerShell 'V2 not yet available for XP'


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