Donnerstag, 26. November 2009

And now using the data to generate sql INSERT-statements

Before SQL-Serve 2008 sql bulks of SQL Insert-Statements are so redundant, that they are not readable.
Of corse, if you are too clever you ommit the column list after INSERT INTO.
Try it and learn it the hard way.

One of my common tasks is generating Insert Statements. Perhaps this way:

$list = (             
( 1, 'PS', 'PowerShell is the most inovative scripting language'),
( 2, 'Python', 'has the most concise formating'),
( 3, 'Algol60', 'the mother of quoted identifiers'),
( 4, 'Algol68', 'the root of array slicing'),
( 5, 'c#', 'if only you were caseinsentitiv casesensitivity is ORACLE''s greates fault'),
( 6, 'SQL', 'has an Insert syntax which is worse than Street Basic''s Data-Statement
(where we put the assembler code you remember)'

foreach ($item in $list)
$id, $code, $note = $item
$note = $note -replace "'", "''" # you have to double embedded apostrophes
"insert into Computer_Languages ( Id, Code, Note) values ( $id, '$code', '$note')"

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