Sonntag, 14. März 2010

PauerSchell Bernd joined SQLPSX

Hello database and PowerShell folks,

some days ago Chad Miller released SQLIse and soon afterwards Steven Murawski joined the SQLPSX project.

From the SQLIse project you can learn a lot about using PowerShell modules and building GUI with WPK. SQLIse uses System.Data.SqlClient, that is Ado.NET to access databases.

In the past I did some unpublished work using System.Data.OracleClient aka ODL on the database side.
In the old CTP3 days I joined the PowerShell ISE-Cream project, which did suffer a bit by the incompatible changes, which came with the PowerShell V2 RTM version.

But motivated by the execellent postings of Ravikanth Chaganti about PowerShell remoting, we began to revive that project and I learned a lot about working with multiple tabs (= PowerShell Sessions) and tuning the addons-menu.

Now I joined SQLPSX too.

I'm going to add the Connect and Invoke-ExecuteSql functions adapted to Oracle the next days.

The interface to procedure calls will take a bit longer as the coresponding SQL-Server functions aren't yet called by menu in the current version.

And as far as I know there is nothing comparable to SMO for Oracle.

One of the features I miss most on the current Oracle tools, is the fact, that they do help to display multiline fields in a wellformatted manner. Grid views tend to show only the first line and text views loose alignment. With PowerShell's Format-List cmdlet and Steves 'Result to variable' option, we can do better.

That's for now database folks, I have to do some PowerShell basics.


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  1. Congrats Bernd. I am sure you are great addition to the SQLISE project