Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010

A small Async PowerBootsWindow

here I'll show a little async PowerBoots Gui, which is able to modify variables in the main thread.

ipmo PowerBoots            
$options = @{ "Results" = "To Text" }            
Boots {             
    StackPanel {            
        RadioButton -Content "To Text" -GroupName Results -IsChecked $True -On_Click { $options.Results = "To Text" }            
        RadioButton -Content "To Grid" -GroupName Results -On_Click {  $options.Results = "To Grid" }            
        RadioButton -Content "To File" -GroupName Results -On_Click {  $options.Results = "To File" }            
        RadioButton -Content "To CSV" -GroupName Results -On_Click {  $options.Results = "To CSV" }            
      } -async            

Is it possible to do the same thing with WPK?

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