Montag, 15. November 2010

New ISE work arounds -- determine start and end of textselection

I just guess that ISE is made by some Trappist monks. One never hears anything about future versions.
At most some closed Change Request at Microsoft Commit.
I get a little tired hoping, they will release anything soon.
If I need something, I'm going to write some dirty workaround.
Current problem: you can select text within the editor from left to right or from right to left ending with the caret at different positions.
Only the holy men didn't publish the API to get the start and the end of the selection. You can query only the caret position.
What I want acchieve, is to be able to insert in the line just below the current selection.
Well the following work around sets the caret to the beginning of the selection.
Put the code into an ise editor select testa and press f5, than repeat it by selecting the tesxt in the oposite direction and press again f5:

$editor = $psise.CurrentFile.Editor            
 $currentselection = $editor.SelectedText            
 if ($currentselection)            
    $initialCaretLine = $editor.CaretLine            
    $initialCaretColumn = $editor.CaretColumn            
    $selstartline  = $editor.CaretLine            
    $selstartColumn = $editor.CaretColumn             
    $selEndline  = $editor.CaretLine            
    $selEndColumn = $editor.CaretColumn             
    $editor.Select($selstartline, $selstartColumn, $selEndline, $selEndColumn)            
    "Selection is ($selstartline, $selstartColumn, $selEndline, $selEndColumn)"            
    "Initial Caret Position ($initialCaretLine, $initialCaretColumn)"            
# testa            
# testb            

Hope this really helps


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