Montag, 9. Februar 2009

Do you like ISE-Cream?

ISE-Cream is a CodePlexProject to extend ISE the new editor of PowerShell V2 CTP 3.

You can forget all the prehistoric, not windows like copy & paste keys and convert to uniform ^C ^V .

The countdown for this final transistion is allready running.

No actually that is a completely unrelated event, which shows how easy datetime could be handled in databaseworld, if only if were invented by mathematicians.

The database example shows , that it is important to start with a clear vision, otherwise you will have to fix it later with functions like set datefirst. I use this function every day, so with me it is allways saturday. (I didn't chose sunday - in germany the shops would be closed).

Back to PowerShell reality. I started to design some categories, which might help the project in organizing the contributions:

  • basic function [that means reinventing of the wheel]
  • load - save [with session and history]
  • print - export (to html, rtf, etc.)
  • invoke files - scriptblocks - lines - regions
  • editing tasks
  • comment - identify - beautytifier
  • snippets
  • introspection - expand alias - syntax check - tabcompletion
  • other text transforms e.g. sorting of lines
  • ISE caller - profile management
  • Custumization - Custom memue
Happy extending


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