Samstag, 7. Februar 2009

An ISE bug when running in german locale

This is a bug showing up in CTP 3 and Win 7 (the german beta download), when running in german locale.

Correct would be, that all Ctrl+ were replaced by Strg+.

The english Win 7 Beta download does not show the bug.

For the curious Strg is an abbrivation of the german word Steuerung which is a synonym of the german word Kontrolle, which means just what you can guess without use of a dictionary.

Therefore I spell Strg as Stupid-Translated-Regular-Garbage, but as this was not invented by Microsoft, I will complain here.

At last some good news for us PowerShell users. To create a custum menue items we have to use the Ctrl- for all locales.

The replacement in display is task of the OS.


$psISE.CustomMenu.Submenus.Add("run region 5", {dir }, 'strg+D')

will work in any system.

You can vote for the bug at


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