Montag, 5. Januar 2009

I started using twitter

Yesterday I started using twitter. Some days earlier looking for infos about CTP3 I stumbled at Tweed Grid and got a lot of useful links from there. If you are curious there I use the name bernd_k.

Meanwhile I have a nice collection of functions for ISE Custommenue, but not yet the means to present them in a pretty way in this blog.

On of my favorites is Expand-Alias.

I heard from Karl Prosser that he plans a codeplex project called #powershell ISE-Cream, to make module of ISE extentions and improvements.

I believe I will prefer that. Dumping ones scripts at PoshCode returns little feedback.

By the way, any advice for better presentation of Powershell script within my blog are welcome. Best it would be some PS-script.

Working in Bavaria tomorrow is another free day (sounds like direct translated german, I'm not going to look it up - perhaps one day there is a Powershell version of NLTK
, yet it is only python 2.4) and wednesday back to job.

Just found Add-Snippet I'll try to convert it to something that is based on selected text or so.

And tomorrow I spent some hours in the ICE returning to Munich. Good time to read the CTP3 helpfile.

Enjoy the snow and PowerShell


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