Donnerstag, 1. Januar 2009

No risk no fun - I updated my Vista host to VP 2 CTP 3

Just upgraded my Vista Ultimate Notebook from CTP 2 to CTP 3.

Having a german version there seams to be no way to instatall WinRM 2.0 CTP 3.

Adaption of PSCX required some outcommenting of aliases, and seams working.

Next time I install a new Vista virtual machine, I' chose an englisch system.

Meanwhile I found out, what to do to get get at the helpfiles:

Being elevated

copy-item $pshome\en-us\*.help.txt $pshome\de-DE

Copy-Item $env:windir\help\mui\0409\WindowsPowerShellHelp.chm $env:windir\help\mui\0407

Currently I' fiddling around with the prompt function. For ISE I need a different version, different colors etc. and further I'm selection usefull stuff for the custom menue.

And finally in Microsoft Connect I proposed ID 390290 that ISE will ask the user when the currently edited file is changed externally. If you agree, please vote for it.

Happy scripting


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