Dienstag, 20. Januar 2009

Schmierzettel 1 [my scratch pad 1]

These notes may give you an impression, of what to expect in this blog in the future.

resolution(s) [Vorsätze 2009]

Improve testing before posting of scripts [ Test 3 times ]

currently exploring:
  • tab expansion to blank it seems rather unpredictable
  • CR/LF regular expressions line splitting -- I observed funny things
  • Format-Hex basic test function for the above

=== propsals for ISE I'm preparing ====

save as - rename file -- both are needed
delete file (and tab -- after prompting)
recently opened files

custumizable contex menue

performance: expanding selected-text using mouse is too slow

Read-host from command panael

publish events:
file opened
file closed

waiting for:
PSCX CTP3 version
Virtual Box Windows 7 shared folder

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