Montag, 5. Januar 2009

New ideas to (mis-?) use ISE

I asked Jeffrey Snover whether ISE is Powershell specific. His answer is very encouraging, but goes not as far as to use it for SQL-scripts.

One of my office duties is manually converting stored procedures form SQL-Server to ORACLE.

Yesterday poetter posted ISE-Snippets. The way to use a prompt dialog to select a choice doesn't please me. I would rather select depending on a selection or the characters to the left of the carret. Isn't that rather similar to the task of tab-completion ?

I find, the best way would be typ some beginning and using some hot-key cycle through the possible snippets.

During the night emerged the idea of using this technic to convert SQL-snippets from SQL-Server to Oracle.

Just tried to load one of my sql-scripts into ISE. Loading ok, no syntax-coloring, that's ok.

I believe todays ISE (CTP3) has the aptitude to fullfil this task.

Concerning the performance, I expect the final V2 release to be powerfull enough.

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